The UW Divestment Coalition's mission is to unite universities throughout the University of Wisconsin System to demand a just divestment from fossil fuels to combat the climate crisis.

We are asking for:

  • Transparency and disclosure of all UW investments

  • The cessation of all new investments in oil, gas, and coal companies

  • The sale of existing investments tied to oil, gas, and coal in the next 3-5 years

  • The investment in clean energy solutions 

what is divestment?

Divestment is the opposite of investment. Rather, divestment is the deliberate removal of investments in funds that are unethical. Fossil fuel divestment denotes the immediate termination of all new and future fossil fuel investments, divestment from existing fossil fuel stocks and bonds, and reinvestment in sustainable solutions. To fight the climate crisis, divestment campaigns have been used throughout the nation to center social, economic, and environmental justice, while challenging the unfettered power of the fossil fuel industry.

Collectively, all thirteen schools within the University of Wisconsin system have seven billion dollars in endowments funds, four billion of which is invested by the University of Wisconsin Foundation. No University within the Wisconsin system has committed to fossil fuel divestment.


The UW Board of Regents is "responsible for establishing policies and rules for governing the System, planning to meet future state needs for collegiate education." We believe that a hospitable planet is a future need, and as such, the Board must prohibit fossil fuel investments.


Given the urgency of the climate crisis, our coalition is demanding the disclosure of all UW investments, the complete decarbonization of our endowments within three to five years, and reinvestment in companies that promote a sustainable future.

why is divestment important?

Educational institutions have a fiduciary obligation to make investments that benefit their students. Yet, the UW system invests its $7 billion endowment in corporations that further exacerbate the climate crisis, threatening our future. It's simple - the UW system is profiting from climate change by choosing to invest in fossil fuel industries. Divestment from fossil fuels will ensure that the UW system endowments are aligned with the environmental and social values of the system.


Take action

A second simple way to help our cause is by donating, which you can do by clicking the button below. 


Another way to take action is by writing to your school's foundation expressing your support for divestment. Showing each foundation the constituents are passionate about divestment holds weight!


Lastly, consider joining us as a volunteer or core organizer! Contact us if you are interested! 

Sign Our Petition!

One of the easiest ways to help our cause is by signing our petition. This crucial step shows the Board of Regents that constituents support this cause and stand in solidarity with our movement.


News and updates


stop line 3 

Line 3 is a proposed pipeline expansion stretching across Canada, Northern Minnesota, and Northern Wisconsin. This not only violates treaty rights and has the potential to contaminate water, but perpetuates the fossil fuel industry. Learn more about the cause and support it at the link below. 


UW - Stevens Point recently held another successful banner drop, helping to publicize the divestment movement to students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about this event by checking out this article in The Pointer! 

banner drop success


UWDC is looking for passionate students to act as core organizers in the coalition! Are you interested in helping our cause? Check out the position descriptions and apply here!

Click here to view our op-ed publications.

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who we are

Our mission is to unite student organizations throughout the University of Wisconsin System to demand a just divestment from fossil fuels to combat the climate crisis. Our coalition strives to represent student groups, faculty members, alumni, and community members from around the 13 University of Wisconsin main and branch campuses. At this time, our coalition has representation from the following student organizations:


  1. Students for Sustainability- UW La Crosse

  2. Environmental Club - UW Parkside

  3. Wisconsin Student Climate Action Coalition - UW Madison

  4. Student Environmental Action Coalition - UW Oshkosh

  5. UW River Falls Sustainability Office - UW River Falls

  6. 350 Stevens Point - UW Stevens Point

  7. Students for Sustainability - UW Stevens Point

  8. Students Encouraging Environmental Deeds - UW Eau Claire

  9. Student Office of Sustainability - UW Eau Claire

  10. Conservation Club - UW Eau Claire

  11. Stout Student Association - UW Stout


If you or your organization are interested in learning more about divestment and UWDC, and would benefit from a virtual meeting, please fill out this Google Form to be put in touch with one of our outreach coordinators.

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